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  • Back Row: Ben, Jack, James, Owen, Corey, Raif, Morgan, Charlie, Jay
  • Middle Row: Ryan, Tyler, Hannah, Cerys
  • Front Row: Harvey, Freya

The struggles within formula one

With more changes in 2015, some teams are struggling to make the grid. Whilst teams struggle to get points, others are struggling to get back on the podium and winning form.

Red Bull have in recent years dominated the sport; now it’s the turn of Mercedes.

Christian Horner was recently quoted saying to Edd straw for auto, “Take nothing away from Mercedes, they have done a super job”. “They have a good car a fantastic engine and two very good drivers”. “The problem is the gap is so big that you end up with three tier racing, and THAT IS NOT HEALTHY FOR F1”.

Written by Corey.

Life on Mars

In this video Harvey and James will explain the fantasies of going to Mars, and what it could be like if we ever get there.

Written by Harvey & James

Technology Today

Our BBC School Report we have compared technology from 20 years ago to today.
Many changes have occurred and many people have different views and opinions about it.
We have interviewed Miss Cairns (Head of Year 7) at Brine Leas School

Written by Freya & Owen

MH370- One Year On

Written by Hannah & Cerys

Code Games

Content coming soon.

The Eclipse

Written by Morgan, Charlie & Jay