Physical Education

Year 10 GCSE PE Students


Kite Mark Gold Award 2013/14
Kite Mark Gold Award 2015/16

We will help you to do 21 things

    Improve your skills

  1. Make your skills better
  2. have more skills to use
  3. have more control over what you do
  4. Make decisions

  5. use tactics and strategies in games and challenges
  6. be creative
  7. change what you do to suit different situations
  8. decide what you need to improve to be better
  9. practise, practise, practise so you become better
  10. spot dangers and risks and make things safe
  11. Improve your body and your brain

  12. be stronger
  13. work for longer without getting tired
  14. be faster
  15. be more supple
  16. have more stickability (don’t give up when things get difficult)
  17. Evaluate and Improve

  18. say what is good or bad about a game or routine or person’s fitness
  19. say what needs to be improved
  20. make changes to what you do so you are better next time
  21. know how good you are and how good you want to be
  22. Live healthy lives

  23. know which sports you are best at
  24. know which jobs/roles you are best at (performer, coach, choreographer, official)
  25. choose to take part in sport in school and out of school

Assessment in PE

PE Information and Policies

Our P.E. lessons also strive to develop a number of Personal Learning and Thinking skills (PLTs) in all pupils:

Team worker
Through supporting other team mates, being a good team player, giving useful feedback, co-operating with others, showing confidence and being a good listener.

Independent enquirer
Through asking questions on how to improve performance, planning and practising to improve performance and analysing and evaluating your own and others’ performances.

Reflective learner
Through assessing your own performance, identifying strengths and weaknesses, taking on feedback, setting yourself goals and assessing your own learning.

Self Manager
Through managing others, organising teams, showing initiative, identifying and dealing with problems as well as coping with challenges.

Team worker
Through supporting other team mates, being a good team player, giving useful feedback, co-operating with others, showing confidence and being a good listener.

Creative thinker
Through using good ideas, asking thoughtful questions, creating warm-ups and drills, using imaginative ways to outwit opponents and expressing your-self through physical activity.

Effective Participator
Through negotiating with others, finding ways to improve your-self, discussing ideas and helping to improve other’s performances.

Team worker
Through supporting other team mates, being a good team player, giving useful feedback, co-operating with others, showing confidence and being a good listener.

Illness and Injury
Our aim is for all pupils to take part in lessons through a variety of roles including performer, coach, official, leader, manager, choreographer and organiser.

If pupils are ill or injured but are well enough to be in school, we ask that they bring full P.E. kit to their lesson so that they can adopt the role of coach, official, leader, manager, choreographer or organiser.

Pupils will not be required to perform or play an ‘active’ part in the lesson if they are ill or injured, providing a note is written by parent/guardian in their homework diary. Notes of a more personal nature may of course be enclosed in a sealed envelope.

Exceptions to this obviously include broken limbs or serious back/neck injuries.

Pupils with asthma must bring their inhaler to lessons with them and should also leave a spare inhaler in the main office. Pupils should keep their inhaler with them at all times during the lesson.

We do ask that pupils do not bring valuables into school or leave them in their lockers during P.E. lessons. If pupils do have valuables in P.E. they must hand them in to a member of staff at the start of the lesson. These will then be locked away in the staff office for the duration of the lesson. It is the pupils’ own responsibility to collect their own valuables at the end of the lesson.

The P.E. Department do not accept responsibility for any valuables that are lost. Pupils must not leave valuables in their blazers or bags during P.E. lesson time.

Gifted and Talented
Pupils who are identified by the P.E. Department as having a particular area of proficiency are placed on our G&T register and displayed on our notice board ‘Sporting Achievements out of school’. These pupils will follow an additional programme to further strengthen their practical ability and increase their knowledge and understanding of sport and exercise related issues.
We also differentiate within the planning of our lessons to ensure that every child is encouraged to achieve to their very best.

If your child was on the G&T list for P.E. at their primary school, or competes to a high level in sport outside of school time, please email Mr Ward ( as soon as possible and keep us updated as your child progresses through Brine Leas.

PE Pathways
Every child at Brine Leas takes part in P.E. from year 7 through to year 11.
In years 7, 8 & 9 pupils follow a programme of practical activities that is tailored towards their ability level and their individual needs.
Every year 10 & 11 pupil will follow a tailor-made curriculum at KS4 covering; Performing at Maximum Levels, Creative, Body & Brain and Outwitting.
In addition pupils can opt to follow GCSE PE and/or Sports Leadership at KS4.
In years 12 & 13, students may also study A Level PE.