KS4 Options

October 2016 Blue Card Autumn Term Report Normal issued report
January 2017 Subject talks to Year 9s by Options Subjects in Lessons/Assemblies Subjects that are not taught during Key Stage 3 are further explained and students are informed of what the course entails (e.g. Engineering, Dance, and Business Studies etc.)
Wednesday 18/01/2017 Parents’ Evening (4.30pm – 7.00pm) Primary focus is on Year 9 achievement and attainment.
Thursday 19/01/2017 Options Assembly An explanation of the process and deadlines are given to all Year 9 students. English, Maths and Science will give a predicted grade, based on current performance.
Friday 27/01/2017 Options Booklet Issued to Students and on the School Website The booklet contains all of the information about the process, the description of the Statutory and chosen elements of the curriculum, subject guides for every subject and the Option forms themselves.
W/C 06/02/2017 Pre-OptionsTrawl Year 9 are asked to give an early indication of which subjects they are considering opting for, to allow the early planning of staffing and resource. This is NOT their Options and is purely for our planning. It usually also helps to focus students on the task of selecting their courses.
W/c 13/02/2017 Guidance Interviews with Progress Tutors With information provided by subjects, together with blue card data, your son/daughter will be given information, advice and guidance about their options in a one-to-one interview with their Progress Tutor.
Wednesday 15/03/2017 Options Evening (6.30 pm – 7.30 pm) This information evening is for all Year 9 students and their parents.
Friday 24/03/2017 Options Forms Last Return Date This is the last date that the completed form can be returned.
April 2017 Course Numbers Finalised and Amendments if Necessary Once the forms have been collated and sorted, class numbers and sizes are looked at. Then, if necessary, students/parents are contacted (we never normally have more than about 3 or 4 student options to which this applies).
May 2017 Options Confirmed Final Options are confirmed and confirmation sent to students and parents.