Year 13 Curriculum 2018/19

Subject area Hours per fortnight Percentage of curriculum time
Course 1 9 22.5%
Course 2 9 22.5%
Course 3 9 22.5%
Academic Enrichment (Core Maths, Extended Project Qualification or STEP Maths) 1 3%
Non-Academic Enrichment (Personal Social, Health Education and Citizenship) 1 3%

The table and diagram above explains what proportion of the curriculum time in Year 13 is allocated to each of the courses and the teaching hours for a 50-period fortnight (the school operates a 2-week 50 hour timetable). A breakdown of the planned learning hours for a typical student’s timetable, based on 32 weeks, are shown below. Please note, work experience forms part of a student’s non-academic enrichment. Work Experience Page. Students who have not achieved a Grade 4 in English and/or Maths will be required to attend extra lessons and re-sit these courses in accordance with our Admissions Policy.

Student C: 3 A level subjects and the Extended Project Qualification

Planned learning activity Number of hours
Academic course option 1 140
Academic course option 2 140
Academic course option 3 140
Academic enrichment qualification (Core Maths) 19
Non-academic enrichment, including Curriculum Enrichment Week and Personal, Social, Health and Economic education 114
Total number of hours 553