A Level Results 2017

It’s an excellent year once again with students in BL6 performing incredibly well to match last two year’s best ever results. The target grades were set high and many students have surpassed their expected grades.

In summary the headlines are 29% of grades awarded were A* or A, 51% were A* to B, 75% were A* to C. A remarkable four students gained A*’s in all subjects studied with another ten gaining A*’s and A’s in every subject; many did equally well given their target grades and, in the case of a number of students, in the face of real adversity. One hundred and nineteen students came away with the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) all of which were A* to D, with 94% of students gaining A*-C.

There are some fantastic success stories, be those gaining vocational qualifications or those going down the more traditional A level route. During the year they have also taken advantage of all the enrichment opportunities on offer, such as work experience, charity fund raising and EPQ in BL6 to make themselves ready for the next stage of their lives.​