The second week of every month is attendance week, this is when you will be informed of your current attendance percentage.


The Facts

If your childs attendance is 90% overall:

  • They could have missed half a day per week throughout the year.
  • This could be as much as 6 hours of lessons every 2 weeks.
  • That’s up to 12 hours of lessons missed each month!
  • In a school year that means a pupil has missed 4 whole weeks, that’s 100 hours of lessons!
  • If this is continuous over 5 years a pupil will miss half a school year!

As a school, if we can improve attendance by just 1%, there will be a 5-6% improvement in a pupil’s attainment (DfES).

Our school target is 95%

Please help us and yourself by ensure your childs attendance remains high.

What can you do?

If you’re having problems talk to someone.

If you’re childs off school make sure you contact the school.

If you’re concerned

Encourage your child to talk to their Form Tutor, Head of House or Student Services.

As a school, we will always try and help to resolve any problems they may have, however we must be notified as soon as possible.

As a parent you can also contact school to discuss any issues. We are happy to arrange meetings, see pupils or discuss concerns over the telephone.

It’s so often useful to keep a record of the days and dates when your child is absent, if you notice a pattern let us know.


Avoid taking holidays during Term Time.

Fixed Penalty Notices for Unauthorised Absences

A Fixed Penalty Notice may be issued by the Education Welfare Services for a variety of reasons. This usually includes a fine being issued to the parents/guardians of a child(ren) with parental responsibility. Failure to pay can result in further legal action being taken.

Fixed Penalty Notices may be issued for a variety of reason such as:

  • The pupil having an unauthorised holiday. The absence may have been unauthorised due to inadequate notice being given (we ask fo at last a month) or due to the holiday exceeding the maximum amount of time given.
  • At any time to the parents/guardians of any pupil who has had 10 or more unauthorised days off. Therefore we ask that parents/guardians maintain continuous communicaton with he school over absences and where ever possible always provide medical confirmation for our records (notes, or prescriptons, or appointment cards).

If you or your child has any queries please ask your child’s Form Tutor, or Student Services