Anti-Bullying Week 12-16th November


Stop Speak Support code of conduct

The Stop Speak Support code of conduct was developed in response to a request from young people for more guidance on how to behave online and how to deal with cyberbullying.


Choose Respect Instead?

Respect can be divided into two key points:

  • RESPECTING YOURSELF Ask what we mean by respecting ourselves. Say respecting yourself means believing that you are worthy. Respecting yourself can involve simple actions such as acknowledging your own achievements, e.g. when you do well on a test or when you help someone else, and not putting yourself down about how your appearance.
  • RESPECTING OTHERS To respect other you must ask yourself: • ‘Am I treating the person I am interacting with the same way that I would want to be treated?’ • ‘Am I able to communicate with others without causing conflict?’ • ‘How do my words and actions have an impact on others?’