Pupil Premium and the National Tutoring Programme

Pupil premiums in the 2022 to 2023

We will use the pupil premium, national tutoring programme and any other available catch-up premiums to improve the outcomes of disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils.

Sustaining our strategy

The outcome of our evaluation informs our decisions whether to sustain or stop each activity. Where a strategy is successful, we continue to monitor implementation.

National Tutoring Programme 2022-2023

The National Tutoring Programme supports disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils up to Year 11 to catch up with missed education due to COVID.

Tuition Partners

The Tuition Partner for Brine Leas School is Pearson. Through Pearson we are facilitating small group tuition to help key stage 3 and key stage 4 students catch up with their learning in English, mathematics and science.

School-Led Tutoring

All state-funded schools and academy trusts are given a ring-fenced grant to fund locally sources of tutoring provision for disadvantaged pupils.

The plan for 2021/22 can be read HERE.

The school-led tutoring year-end statement can be read HERE.