Business Studies

Business Studies GCSE 4133 (AQA).

This is an ‘option subject’

Note that ALL pupils in the current year 11 (Leaving 2017), have the opportunity to complete the specification for this GCSE

Exam Board

Subject Exam Board Controlled Assessments Exam 1 Exam 2
Business Studies AQA (4133) Controlled Assessment Unit 3 – Investigating Businesses 40 marks/25% Setting up a Business (Section 3.1) Assessed by Unit 1 – Setting up a Business Written Paper (1 hour) 60 marks/40% Growing as a Business (Section 3.2) Assessed by Unit 2 – Growing as a Business Written Paper (1 hour) 60 marks/35%

Unit 1 – Setting up a Business

This unit introduces candidates to issues concerning the setting up and operation of a business. It explores the activities of business and the reasons for success or failure. It encourages candidates to appreciate that businesses must operate within society and that this involves businesses engaging with a wide range of stakeholders who will hold differing perspectives.


This unit will be assessed by an external written assessment of 60 marks and 1 hour in length.

Unit 2 – Growing as a Business

This unit builds upon the content of Unit 1, allowing candidates to study businesses as they grow and the issues that expansion raises.


This unit will be assessed by an external written assessment of 60 marks and 1 hour in length.

Unit 3 – Investigating Businesses

This unit is a controlled assessment unit. The work must be each candidate’s own individual response and must be produced under controlled conditions.

Task Setting

All controlled assessment tasks will be set by AQA.
Tasks will be replaced each year and will only be available for one assessment opportunity.
AQA will provide centres with pre-released material which will require candidates to undertake a business investigation.

Task Taking
  • Preparation
    Before candidates carry out their investigation of the business, centres should prepare them by covering the relevant section(s) of the specification.
    During this phase, centres should ensure that candidates are familiar with the skills which will be assessed, especially the need to evaluate their findings.
  • Research and Planning
    It is suggested that between five and eight hours should be allocated for candidates to research the business.
    During the research and planning phase, teachers may give feedback to individual candidates to support them in their learning, but this assistance must be recorded.
    Candidates may work with others during the research and planning stage. Each candidate must, however, produce an individual response to the tasks.
Final Presentation

Candidates should spend up to three hours writing up their findings. (Additional time can be given for candidates with special assessment requirements). This time may be divided into more than one session, provide that the teacher collects all materials at the end of each session, keeps them under secure conditions and returns them to candidates at the beginning of the next session. Centres are not allowed to give feedback to candidates during this time.

When completing their work, candidates must work independently under teacher supervision.

Task Marking

Centres must mark all controlled assessments using the marking criteria shown on the next two pages.
The work will be moderated by AQA according to the procedures outlined in section 7 of the specification.