Extra Curricular Timetable

BN – Tues/Weds/Thurs lunch 12.35-1.30 Tues after school 3.35 until 5

CSE – Tues/Weds/Thurs lunch 12.45-1.30 Thurs after school 3.35 until 5

HD – Tues/Thurs lunch week 1, Thurs lunch week 2


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Subject Specific Words for Art

Line, Tone, Form, Shape, Graphite, Graduate, Mark-Making, Expressive, Contrast, Observe, View Finder, Section, Blend, Depth, Shadow, Render, Refine, Review.

Primary, Secondary, Complimentary, Tertiary, Warm, Cool, Colour Wheel, Tint, Hue.

Wash, Impasto, Mixed-Media, Layer, Blend, Acrylic, Watercolour, Bleed, Emulsion, Texture.

Ink, Oil, Pastel, Biro, Fine Liner, Soft Pastel, Gum Tape, Mod-Roc, Masking Tape, Printing Blocks, Lino, Polystyrene, Roller, Copydex, Brusho, Craft Knife, Charcoal, Koh-I-Noor, PVA, Corrugated Card.

Collage, Resist, Mask, Composition, Symmetry, Harmony, Detail, Construction, Manipulate, Design, Study, Three Dimensional, Two Dimensional, Stencil, Typography, Print, Sculpture, Conceptual, Graphic, Impression, Loose, Analytical


Autumn Term
Year 7 Line and tone. Improving observational drawing skills. Looking at the work of Louise Nevelson and Joseph Cornell
Year 8 Ceramic bugs or Typography project, (using letter forms from packaging and advertising). We cannot do ceramics with all year 8 groups at the same time so we split between the first two terms
Year 9 Mexican Day of the Dead, (cardboard construction skull project)
Spring Term
Year 7 Colour theory, (primary/secondary/complimentary/tertiary) and watercolour painting inspired by the work of Sanna Annukka
Year 8 Ceramic bugs or Typography project, (using letter forms from packaging and advertising)
Year 9 Creative drawing composition, looking at the work of Ernst Haeckel
Summer Term
All Years Will undertake an extension piece for one of the projects covered in the first two terms. This can be two or three dimensional and involve a variety of artistic media


Autumn Term
Architecture. Producing two or three dimensional pieces in response to the theme of architecture.
Spring Term
BN – Looking at the work of Lynne Perrella. Experimenting with printing and collage
HD – Ceramic project. Fashion and fastenings
CSE – Natural forms, drawing and painting project
Final pieces for these projects will be done during the Tattenhall residential
Summer Term
Not yet decided