Year 7 Sationary CAD/CAM Project

Students design and make a Stationary Pack that includes a includes a ruler, set square and protractor. The Stationary Pack design must have a clear theme, which is chosen by the student to reflect their hobbies and interests. Students will learn an understanding of design development and drawing techniques using tradition sketching skills and digital drawing skills to make professionally laser cut products.

Year 8MP3 Case Design

Part of a two-part project were students design and manufacture a case to contain their Electronic MP3 Amplifier Circuit. Once completed the MP3 Amplifier can be used with an MP3 player or Smart Phone. The project will enable students to experience the design and manufacture of their case using computer software developing the graphics, testing and modifying their case design using nets to create a designed packaged product. Student will improve their understanding of design development and drawing.

Year 9 Magazine Promotion

This project has been designed to introduce pupils to a range of both hand drawing and computer graphic skills, to understand the importance of graphics and how graphics are used in everyday life, especially through advertising. Students develop skills using the creative software packages, Photoshop and Illustrator to produce a professionally produced magazine cover and free gift. The Magazine cover can be based on an interest or hobby of the student, making it easy to access their imagination and creativity.